Effective broadcast email

Tired of broadcast email “opt-outs”?

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Your customers will look forward to receiving your emails!

TicklEMail® broadcast emails are designed to be easy to read and funny. Your customers get an email they enjoy and you keep your name in front of them so that when they’re ready to make a purchase they think of you!

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email marketing that works

TicklEmail® cartoons are custom created for your business and customers.

Our cartoons are not massed produced or reused. We learn about your business, your industry and your goals and create new cartoons and broadcast emails just for you. Your customers will find them pertinent and amusing.

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Great for social media advertising!

Our cartoons get noticed, liked and passed around. When they do, your name does too!

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Who does TicklEmail® work best for?

Many companies find it hard to keep their names in front of their existing clients. Most people are inundated with marketing emails daily. They don't take or have the time to read newsletters or tips and eventually will opt-out of your list.

These are a few industries where TicklEmail® excels:

  • Medical
  • Optometrist
  • HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical Service
  • Automotive Service
  • Insurance
  • Big ticket retail
  • And more…
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Want to learn more?

Use the chat link at the bottom of this page or us a call or email us at L! Marketing, (804) 869-3897 or info@lmarketing.com.

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