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Greatly reduced opt-outs with TicklEmail®

Effective broadcast email

L! Marketing has been creating and sending broadcast emails on behalf of their clients for over 15 years. During that time we found that businesses such as restaurants and retail stores, especially restaurants, that used coupons had more opens and less opt-outs than other types of businesses.

For trade and service businesses like insurance, medical, plumbing, heating & air, landscape, etc. we tried newsletters, seasonal reminders, tips and yes, even coupons. These types of businesses had low open rates and the opt-outs were higher. One service business lost over 50% of their email list in three months when they started sending out a monthly broadcast newsletter with tips, educational information, and yes, coupons.

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“After several years and lots of money spent in pursuing a broadcast email marketing plan to drive inbound telephone traffic to our agency, we have one. The TicklEmail campaign you developed for us works! The emails are being opened and read! We’re retaining our list and inbound telephone traffic is happening!”

Floyd Mays, President
Floyd Mays Insurance Company

There's a lot of competition

The big question, with so much broadcast email being sent everyday, how do you get anyone’s attention? If an email looks like it’s too much to read or appears boring we delete it in a nanosecond. If the content of the email is not important to us we don’t give it a chance. Seriously, how many emails do you read from your eye doctor or insurance company?

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The proof is in the pudding

Our first client was Floyd Mays Insurance Agency in Sandston, Virginia. Floyd Mays specializes in towing & recovery insurance and, no offense to Floyd, his emails weren't being read and his opt-out rate was very high.

We began sending out TicklEmail® broadcast emails for Floyd in June of 2013. Almost immediately we saw an improvement in his stats. From June to the end of December 2013 Floyd’s opt-out rate dropped to 1.17%. For the entire year of 2014 his opt-out rate dropped to only .003%! Today not only does Floyd enjoy an incredibly low opt-out rate but he now has people join his email list through his website.

Floyd’s average open rate went from 3% to 20%. Customers have called him laughing about cartoons that hit a funny bone. Many of his TicklEmail® cartoons have gone viral (by towing insurance standards) on social media reaching many more people outside of his customer base.

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TicklEmail® will work for you too!

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If you are interested in growing your customer base we are aligned with ADC Direct for custom filtered email lists specific to your product or service.